Shoot on the way Up!

Attention: LeBron James

You Must Finish your Entire shotIncluding the Release

BEFORE the Top of your Jump Shot!

(and free throw, hello)

Chicky Baby (the Lakers Chick Hearn) used to teach us things about basketball that most casual Basketball fans didn’t know. During his simulcasts (announcing basketball games on radio and TV at the same time) he’d often take time to teach us about the rules of the game… things like: At the top of the basketball’s height is when goal tending starts… Not after the highest height, but right there at the top… because when the ball is at the very top it’s already falling downward. So, Chick would tell us that the referee made the Right (or wrong) call. It turns out, most people just don’t understand the rule fully because they don’t know Calculus. and… How does that help my Jumper?

There’s something you learn in Calculus that isn’t obvious to the casual basketball fan/viewer. At the very tip-top of your jump, you are actually falling down already (like Chicks goal tending lesson). So, if you wait until you are at the top of your ‘jump’ to shoot a basketball, you are actually waiting too long. Because it’s too late now to use the momentum of your body (Mass) to push the ball upward. Your body mass is actually fighting against you now at the top of your jump! No not after the top, as you fall down; at the very Tippy-Top you are already falling.

So, you MUST release the ball BEFORE you get to the top of your Jump Shot. Not just Start your shot before the top, but Finish your entire shot BEFORE the top.

Now you’ll have to shoot more quickly (and less intentionally!). It will require you to use a different part of your brain more dominantly. It may seem like a fling to the casual fan. But muscle memory allows you to shoot in the right moment without “Thinking” if you know what I mean.

You begin with perfect balance. You MUST begin with Perfect Balance and jump Straight Up… Even the slightest deviation from straight up will multiply the error as you progress along your shot.

Then, with one fluid accelerating motion, you can let it fly. The Release is not intentional, but begun from the beginning of perfect balance. Yet, ending with a whips’ crack (a whip doesn’t overemphasize and preen, it snaps because of the start, way down at the handle; just as your legs begin and power the perfect jump shot)…

This is where Dwight gets it all wrong. You use the hands and fingertips for the final and least little adjustments in my world view… that’s what “Touch” is all about. Over emphasizing the final wrist flip (at the expense of everything else; I call it the Over Duck syndrome) is bass-ackwards if you ask me.

I say your hand should flop over as limp as lettuce after a shot. If you have to add any oomph, you messed up somewhere before.

If you shoot while falling… Finesse is gone

Have you ever swam out in the ocean or tried surfing, LeBron? Well, Shooting the Perfect Jump Shot is like catching a wave; You start with raw power to get up to speed and end with finesse as you “drop into the pocket” and let the wave take over.

Learn to shoot on the way up.

your Jump Shot yoda, GymAlien Says So.