The Running Dream

                   The Running Dream…

   Ever had a recurring dream? Or maybe I should call it a night mare.

   I used to wake up gasping for breath after a certain kind of dream. In my dream I’d be under water holding my breath usually.
Not sure why it would matter but, I always thought I could hold my breath better than most (maybe a head trip from jealously watching 007 movies or Harry Houdini type magicians doing the locked up under water in a tank trick; but I could do 4 ½ minutes under water at the pool. I’d go to the bottom of the pool and just sit there for Marco Polo).

   Anyway, I’d wake up gasping for breath. Because, in the dream I was going for broke and just couldn’t hold it anymore. Weird that I never put the reality and the dream together. I now see that I was actually not able to breathe. But, the dream made it seem like I was holding my breath consciously and on purpose. As I later found that I probably have a sleep apnea thing going on, it makes perfect sense that I’d wake up gasping for air. But why the swimming or practicing holding my breath dream?

   Although my body seemed to be, I wasn’t panicked by my approaching suffocation in the dream… But in the Running Dream I was in a full blown fight or flight panic.
The Running dream was a recurring dream I used to have, like the swimming dream. But, what the corollary was in the real world, like the swimming dream had me choking on my own tongue during sleep, I didn’t know.

   In this Running dream I’d have someone or something chasing me. I was still fast in my dream (like life), so I’d always get away. In secret, I thought of myself as a 007 or Jason Bourne type guy. I’d hide cap guns up my sleeve and in my coat pockets as a kid. But in the running dream, they/or it just kept coming. Over fences, through back alleys and around corners I’d dash running for my life like if I got caught I’d be going to jail or worse. But they were always just a little ways behind me so I couldn’t stop. 

   Running and running, dodging and dashing away from something or someone that never actually showed up.
Somehow I knew ‘it’ was coming to get me though; I think because I knew I’d done something wrong in the dream, like stealing a candy bar or I dined and dashed. But I quickly forgot about why I was running for my life, because I just had to get away!

   I also enjoyed watching a movie, then TV show called ‘It takes a thief’ which kind of glamorized cat burglars. And, I’d flip around like Kato after watching the Green Hornet. Cat burglar, 007 spy, sniper, (aside from my GymAlien pen name) that is my alter ego I guess. Now I have to wonder if that alter ego came as a reaction to the fight or flight syndrome.

   Anyway, the dream came often for many years. I’d find myself in any number of situations and then have to start running for my life because something or someone was chasing me. So, one day I decided I wanted to see what was chasing me. I was only dreaming at the time so I couldn’t really get hurt, I figured. I decided to turn around and see what was chasing me the next time I found myself in that dream. I made up my mind while I was awake. So, it didn’t come up in my mind while I was in the dream. At least not for a while.

   But, one day I did remember and after escaping/running for a bit, I woke up, then fell back asleep back into the chase and wondered what was following me. I remembered my decision to turn around and face the thing that was following me; and this was the time.

   I flipped around and saw nothing. There was just a puff of air that blew my hair back as I stood there looking into… nothing. Oh, it was right there behind me as I ran. I know ‘it’ was right on my tail as I spun around. It was not hiding; there was just nothing there but the wake of air rushing in behind me from my escape velocity.

               From then on I had no more of those running dreams

   Apparently, I faced my fear by turning around, and it turned out to be little more than fear itself. Having lost its power of the unknown over me ‘it’ disappeared like the nightmare, forevermore…

   I’ve come to believe that the Fight or Flight syndrome stays with you, in your system when you keep anger in your “heart”. It’s called resentment. RE-Sentiment I’ll say, since you never let go of the sentiment that you’re upset with something. Remember how Jesus in the bible said, “… but, I tell you that anyone who hates his neighbor is guilty of murder in his heart.”

   So, I’m saying that holding anger/frustration in and not letting it go (for real, which is often hard to do until you practice forgiveness as a way of life), can make you miss shots!

   It disturbs your Spirit in a permanent way. There is a purity of Jump Shot Form, as well as purity of body, mind, and spirit that you must pursue if you want a perfect jump shot.  Getting angry when you miss shots is a bad mistake. Because it highlights the neuropathway that was wrong! You are adding emotional emphasis to an electro-chemical pathway (a miss/an error) in your brain that must be forgotten and never traveled again.

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